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Truth or Fiction? by Dueling Dialogues Ep.194 #Conspiracies or #Facts #Politically Speaking

On today's show: Truth or Fiction? Is it true or is it fake and/or a conspiracy theory? Grace and Connor go through some info bits and rumors that listeners can investigate and decide for themselves if it's true or fiction. For a list of source links, visit Listen to "Truth or Fiction? - Dueling Dialogues Ep.194" on Spreaker.

Impeachment Inquiry Moves Forward by Dueling Dialogues Ep.193

On today's show: Impeachment Inquiry Moves Forward The inquiry into Trump impeachment moves forward in the house as congress votes to continue the investigation. Is Joe Biden the fall guy? Has he always been the fall guy? Is he even a serious Trump opponent in 2020? How did Nancy Pelosi and the democrats change laws in order to get this far? Epstein coroner says his wounds match what is seen in homicides, but no further investigation into his possible murder will occur. For a list of source links, visit Listen to "Impeachment Inquiry Moves Forward - Dueling Dialogues Ep.193" on Spreaker.

George Soros' Legacy Part I by Dueling Dialogues Ep.192

On today's show: George Soros' Legacy Part I At 89 years of age, billionaire George Soros is building a legacy through his children. Grace and Connor talk about his sons, Alexander and Gregory Soros, from George's wife Susan Webber, and their work through the Open Society Foundation. For a list of source links, visit '-legacy-part-i-dueling-dialogues-ep-192/ Listen to "George Soros' Legacy Part I - Dueling Dialogues Ep.192" on Spreaker.