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Nuts and Bolts of Parenting - His & Her's Ep.8

On today's show: Nuts and Bolts of Parenting - His & Her's Ep.8

Thought: Always challenge the status quo.
Talking about racism with your child.
Relationship roles.
When parents disagree on parenting.
Mom's way or Dad's way, who is right?
Unhappily married parents and effects on children.
Strengthening family bonds with activities.

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#Caddyman Reveals The 2-Ingredients in his Sassy Dipping Sauce

This delicious dipping sauce couldn't be easier. Rivaling the famous chicken dipping sauce, use it for chicken or just about anything you wish to dip!!

The #Caddyman Does Asparagus

Roasted asparagus by none other than The Caddyman!

The #Caddyman Shares His Quarantine Experience!

What's The Caddyman doing during Quarantine? The answer will surprise you. It's Hilarious!!!

Staying In Love and Parenting a Special Needs Child - His & Her's Ep.7

On today's show: Parenting a Special Needs Child

Mantra: Be curious, not judgemental.
Straight from the heart:
Parenting children with disabilities while keeping the relationship alive.
8 things mentally strong parents don't do.
Stats on marriages with children having special needs.
Tips for parenting.
A couple in Britain celebrates the 80th anniversary.

The Caddyman Talks about First Responders!

The Caddyman discusses ways to help the local economy while showing appreciation for our first responders.

The Caddyman Steaks-Up Asparagus

The Caddyman demonstrates steak wrapped asparagus appetizers!