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Truth or Fiction? by Dueling Dialogues Ep.194 #Conspiracies or #Facts #Politically Speaking

On today's show: Truth or Fiction?

Is it true or is it fake and/or a conspiracy theory? Grace and Connor go through some info bits and rumors that listeners can investigate and decide for themselves if it's true or fiction.

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Impeachment Inquiry Moves Forward by Dueling Dialogues Ep.193

On today's show: Impeachment Inquiry Moves Forward

The inquiry into Trump impeachment moves forward in the house as congress votes to continue the investigation.
Is Joe Biden the fall guy? Has he always been the fall guy? Is he even a serious Trump opponent in 2020?
How did Nancy Pelosi and the democrats change laws in order to get this far?
Epstein coroner says his wounds match what is seen in homicides, but no further investigation into his possible murder will occur.

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George Soros' Legacy Part I by Dueling Dialogues Ep.192

On today's show: George Soros' Legacy Part I

At 89 years of age, billionaire George Soros is building a legacy through his children. Grace and Connor talk about his sons, Alexander and Gregory Soros, from George's wife Susan Webber, and their work through the Open Society Foundation.

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The House That Hid by Marta Moran Bishop- A Hauntingly Fabulous Short Story

'Tis the season for a good ghost story. Marta Moran Bishop has a perfectly eerie first-hand nostalgic account of an old-fashioned style ghost story. It takes place in Chicago in a house where Al Capone once lived. Marta along with the new owner and a group of friends share a ghostly paranormal experience. 
Do yourself a favor and get into the spooky spirit with this inexpensive, audio version reminiscent of the old radio ghost stories. Take about 12 minutes and treat yourself.  

The House That His on Audible

Too Big Too Little by Sammy Sutton and Caitlyn Wade

Oliver, the adorable and inquisitive Doodle, gets into a bit of trouble and must spend a few moments reflecting in timeout. Convinced that if he were small like Cousin Nikki he wouldn't get into trouble, he embarks upon a journey, in "Too Big Too Little," Oliver learns, sometimes the rules even punishment teaches us about ourselves. We are all unique and that's okay.


Too Big Too Little (Paperback) on Amazon
Too Big Too Little (Kindle) on Amazon

Impeachment Distraction Continues by Dueling Dialogues Ep.191

On today's show: Impeachment Distraction Continues

Impeachment attempts continue.
Trey Gowdy hired by Trump as attorney.
Matt Lauer accused of rape. Tom Brokaw has accusations as well.
US pulls out of Syria, but leaves Kurds exposed.
Fox's new competition coming via VIACOM-CBS?
Peter Schweizer exposes more corruption.
McCain's former aide pleads the 5th in Russian dossier investigation.
FBI and FISA targeting more Americans under FBI director Christopher Wray.
Can General Flynn take down and fry Mueller?
Joe Biden's brother James gets 80K worth of Chinese gemstones.
Nancy Pelosi's son Paul Jr. has a Ukrainian deal with a energy company.
Globalist Obama endorses globalist Trudeau to interfere in next week's Canadian federal election.

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Oliver Doodle's Halloween at the Castle

It's a Spoopy Halloween when Oliver attends a costume party with his family at Pythian Castle. It's a fun time, but things get a little more Spoopy when Oliver goes down the stairs to the dungeon instead of up the stairs to the theatre. 
Join Oliver for the adventure. Remember: Doggy-Doodle-Doo-Oliver-Loves-You!

Oliver Doodle's Halloween at the Castle (paperback)
Oliver Doodle's Halloween at the Castle (Kindle)

Impeachment: Real Threat or Bluff? - Dueling Dialogues Ep.190

On today's show: Impeachment: Real Threat or Bluff?

Dems call for impeachment of Trump over Ukraine phone call in which Trump asks Ukraine to investigate alleged corruption by Joe Biden and son Hunter. Is this a bluff to discredit Trump or a real threat coming from Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff?
Video of Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau surfaces just weeks before election, of Trudeau wearing black-face numerous times in his past. Trudeau takes cheap shots at Andrew Scheer his biggest opponent. Scheer promises to open investigation into Liberal corruption if he is elected the new Prime minister.

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Beware: Former Officials Delayed Law now Creating Government Databases - Dueling Dialogues Ep.189

On today's show: Beware: Former Officials Delayed Law that is now Creating Databases

How will these databases be used in the future?
Corey Lewandowski testifies again. Might be running for senator of NH.
Kavanauh under the gun again. Mitch McConnell and wife Elaine Chao investigation begins under her name.
Flynn can be cleared by internal memo from 2017.
Is John Bolton a warmonger?
Saudi and Iran in conflict. Is
Trump getting richer in office?
Jerry Falwell and Liberty University under investigation by FBI.
41 yo disabled man with ALS in Canada has funding cut but by government but they will pay for assisted suicide.
NC has special election.
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow being sued for $10 million for defamation by One America for saying they were an agent of Russia.
Guns sales surge by 15%.
Databases for medical and alcohol.

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Welcome to Oliver Doodle's Forever Home

Oliver Doodle's Tales is an uplifting children's book series that fosters coping mechanism through knowledge.

In Welcome to Oliver Doodle's Forever Home, children learn about adoption, non-traditional family, and moving to a new home. Oliver's leaves his dog family on the farm to begin a new life with his human family in the city. The story reveals the emotions, apprehensions, and coping skills he develops during the process.

Welcome to Oliver Doodle's Forever Home (Paperback)

Welcome to Oliver Doodle's Forever Home (Kindle)

Three R's Aimed at Trump - Dueling Dialogues Ep.188

On today's show: Three R's Aimed at Trump

The three R's aimed to take down Trump: Russia, Racism, and Recession.
The Hill's John Solomon has 10 declassified Russian collusion revelations coming this fall that will stir up the capital.
Andrew McCarthy says Obama knew about the Trump spies.
Jeffrey Epstein sends cement truck to his island.
Google insider hands over 950 documents to DOJ along with a laptop.
The Intercept article, 7 conservatives with no connection to white supremacists are: Tucker Carlson, Stephen Miller, Trump, Laura Ingraham, Candace Owens, John Cornyn.

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Literally Political Suicide - Dueling Dialogues

On today's show: Literally Political Suicide

Grace and Connor discuss the mysterious suicide of Jeffrey Epstein and other questionable deaths from witnesses, victims, and whistleblowers in the past.

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American Youth II on #Racism #Guns #Gaming #Depression by Dueling Dialogues Ep.186

On today's show: American Youth II - Dueling Dialogues Ep.186

Grace and Connor are joined by MSU students, Cadie and Ian, to discuss mass shootings from the perspective of: gun control, media influences, social issues, toxic masculinity, feminism, racism, white supremacy, and white privilege.

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A Rat is a Rat by Dueling Dialogues Ep.185

On today's fiery show: A Rat is a Rat

Joe diGenova says documents will drop on FISA reports.
Can Baltimore rats be actual rats or is it a racial term?
Christopher Wray will not hand over any FBI information.
Rev. Al Sharpton has become moral authority of the left.
Trolls are changing, left wing trolls say they have hope for you to see the light.
California gov. says Trump will not be on the ballot in California.
Marianne Williamson's hocus pocus on election.
Illegal voters wanted by the left.
Can Trump change that?
Will Michelle Obama run in next election? Rush Limbaugh has an inside scoop.
Media connects to Obama camp.

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White Dog Racists - Dueling Dialogues Ep.184

On today's show: White Dog Racists - Dueling Dialogues Ep.184

Comey had spy in White House in 2017 reporting to FBI.
IG report likely to come out in September.
The racist bandwagon continues and people with white dogs are now racist.
People in Harlem throw water at police, police do nothing.
Antifa getting away with violence.
Don't get your cats declawed in some US cities or you will get a fine.
Jeffrey Epstein's black book is exposed. Clintons at top of list among many other politicians and celebrities.
Actress Bella Thorne says she's a pansexual.
Tom Brady dad-shamed for cliff diving with 6 yo daughter in Costa Rica.
Dominican Republic and Costa Rica have more tourist deaths from tainted alcohol.

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American Youth I -College Students Talk About Politics, Racism, and Drugs by Dueling Dialogues Ep.183

On today's show: American Youth I

Great Show!!

Grace and Connor discuss PC culture, macro racism, reparations, drug use, and cultural appropriation with special guests, students Cadie and Ian, from Missouri State University.

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What Song will Epstein Sing? - Dueling Dialogues Ep.182

On today's show: What Song will Epstein Sing? - Dueling Dialogues Ep.182

Jeffrey Epstein arrested on alleged sex related charges, pedophilia, rape, among many charges.
Tommy Robinson reaches out to Trump over political asylum.
AG Barr pushes to get illegal immigrant question on census.
Schools and universities in NYC allow students can change name and gender.
People with Trump derangement syndrome call for Home Depot boycott.
Court rules against Trump on drug pricing.
Diabetes and benefits of CBD oil.
Kamala Harris may be Obama's candidate.
Hannity jokes about O'Reilly's return to cable.
Workforce in US adds 300K jobs.
Foreign exchange students.

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Bring the World into your Family-Host an International Foreign Exchange Student

Hosting an exchange student will change your children’s lives. Welcoming an exchange student into your home is as rewarding for your children as it is for the students. You provide a bed to sleep in and a spot at your dinner table, and they will teach you, your children, and your greater community about an entirely new culture. Your children will discover a new worldly perspective, and they may even learn their host sibling’s language. Most of all, they’ll gain a lifelong role model in an older host-sibling, and form relationships that will stay with them forever.
We’d love to hear from you!
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Borderline Crazy by Dueling Dialogues Ep.181

On today's show: Borderline Crazy

Join Grace and Connor for a jam-packed episode!
AOC visits the border. Claims women are drinking toilet water. She also says border patrol were laughing at her and were sexually threatening.
Trudeau snubbed at G20 summit.
Trump meets with Kim Jong Un. Tucker Carlson makes some health observations on Kim's health.
New Yorker writes an article on Hunter Biden. Is this a strategy attempt to expose all before election?
Kamala and Warren move ahead and Biden moves backwards in the race for candidacy.
Trump and RNC raises $105 million for campaign.
Dems are pushing medicare for all, while Republicans do not.
Journalist Andy Ngo gets beaten by Antifa in Portland.
Eric Trump gets spit on at Chicago restaurant.
IG probe into FISA warrant is over. Report is still being written.
Mueller is going to testify in front of congress.
Navy seal Ed Gallagher is awaiting murder charges.
16 brands of dog food linked to heart conditions in dogs.
Google execs call Ben…

Hypocrisy in Double Standard Justice by Dueling Dialogues Ep.180

On today's show: Hypocrisy in Double Standard Justice

Americans fed up with double standards in the justice system from right to left. Will this create a landslide for Trump?
Jean Carrol accuses Trump of rape in dressing room of department store more than 20 years ago.
George Conway, why would he do this to his kids?
General Flynn makes a discovery about Hillary. Obama sends law after him right after announcing his discovery?
Why does Kerry and Obama get away with advising Iran on Trump in violation of the Logan Act?
Biden gets caught paying for Twitter followers.
Bernie is upset at banks for lending college students money. Banks stopped this 10 years ago, how did a senator not know this? This was Obama's government.
Sen. Omar married her brother, possible immigration and marital fraud as well as maybe even tax fraud. How safe is the vetting process for immigrants?
Dems hypocrisy talking how republicans are going to split in two.
Congressional left will not pass anything for Trump…

2020 Campaign Kick-off by Dueling Dialogues Ep.179

On today's show: 2020 Campaign Kick-off

Trump kicks off 2020 campaign in Orlando.
Do the rich really prey on the poor?
Paul Manafort will not go to Rikers.
Anyone can be charged federal and on state levels, so what happened to double jeopardy?
State Dept. finds 23 violations of multiple security in Hillary's emails.
Iran attacks oil tankers, another 1,000 troops are sent to middle east today.
Hidden Morse code in song lyrics proves Google was copying his songs.
Trump says beginning next week, ICE will begin removing illegals.
Poll says world population will stop growing in 2100.
Is the Made in China era over? Sarah Huckabee
Sanders is leaving.
FBI releases 458 page file on Saul Alinsky.
St. Louis Blues win the Stanley Cup, Toronto Raptors win NBA title.
Trudeau bans single use plastics from Canada by 2021.

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Donkeys, Elephants, and Lions - Dueling Dialogues Ep.178

On today's show: Donkeys, Elephants, and Lions

Donkeys, elephants, and lions.
Generic drugs to get FDA approval in US only has to have 80% of active ingredients.
Could SCOTUS interfere in impeachment?
Christopher Steele has agreed to be interviewed by John Durham.
IG report, does Barr already have it ready?
Christopher Wray may be withholding documents.
Mexico tariffs and fearful republicans.
Biden says the rest of world is moving ahead of us while India and China creates majority of pollution.
Paul Manafort being moved to Ryker's Island into solitary confinement.
Joy Behar and Meghan McCain are MIA on The View.
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow struggling to keep 4th place. NYT is no longer going to allow any employees to go on her show or CNN's Don Lemon.
A 17 yo rape victim with PTSD commits legal suicide in Netherlands.
Pope Francis is going to change the Lord's Prayer.
City gate from King David's era recovered in Golan Heights.
Google uses Trump to explain Hebephilia.


Mueller's Message Mess by Dueling Dialogues Ep.177

On today's show: Mueller's Message Mess

The Mueller message, basically he tells congress to impeach Trump.
The DOJ is the only hope to deliver justice to those responsible for the fake Russian dossier.
Will Lisa Page be the leaker that could be pardoned?
Trump can't get immigration laws passed, so he imposes tariffs on Mexico. Plan increases monthly by 5% up to 25%.
Meghan McCain freaks out at the rumor that Trump wanted the USS McCain name hidden.
Kim Jong Un, executes 5 people in blame for the February meeting where Trump walked out.
An employee for California police department has been diagnosed with typhus from homeless and illegal immigrants living in the city. List of other major diseases being found in California.
How is Fox going to handle Kimberly Guilfoyle?
Is global warming a hoax to steal tax money?

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American Spies and Lies Since 2012 by Dueling Dialogues Ep.176

On today's show: American Spies and Lies Since 2012

Super attorney Joe DiGenova and wife Victoria Toensing, say Obama's minions have been spying on political opponents since 2012. Russia-Gate was a distraction. IRS scandal was an extension of this through targeting the tea party. What evidence does Snowden, Manning, and Assange have?
Dem Diane Feinstein has lunch with Iran's foreign minister without state department approval. Supreme Court rules that if you download an app from Apple and you have to sue, you also have to sue Apple.
Pelosi's drunk video censorship refused by Facebook.
Trump endorses OAN Network.
According to US Weekly, Laurie Loughlin's daughter Olivia knew about the bribery.
Indiana synagogue vandal says he was radicalized by Ben Shapiro's orders.
Meghan McCain says leave her father's legacy out of politics.
Daily Mail reports secret FBI tapes prove Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had over 40-45 marital affairs and laughed when a pastor raped a wom…

Frustration Ignites Another Trump-Pelosi Feud by Dueling Dialogues Ep.175

On today's show: Frustration Ignites Another Trump-Pelosi Feud - Dueling Dialogues Ep.175

Fox News under fire for Hannity's investigative journalists.
Can journalists be in the middle?
Trump declassifies all documents related to Mueller investigation into Russian collusion.
Nancy Pelosi screams Trump cover up, suggests a Trump intervention. YouTube bans Pelosi's drunk interview video for violating community standards?
Harvey Weinstein hands over $44 million to his victims, but money comes from his 'rape' insurance.
AOC says GOP ignited the hate between Jews and Muslims.
Wells Fargo hands over Trump's records.
DNC still says that MS13 gang are not animals.
Texas Rep. Chip Roy has blocked disaster bill. $19.1 billion to go to victims of disasters.
Julian Assange is charged in US on 18 counts of publishing classified documents.
California cities at risk from disease over homeless.
Time for Rep. to gain votes from Dem. and Independents.
Theresa May steps down as lead…

Will We See Obama Run With Biden? by Dueling Dialogues Ep.174

On today's show: Will We See Obama Run With Biden?

Get fired up with us!
Will we see a Biden and Michelle Obama or even a Barack ticket?
Obama appointed judge rules in favor of Trump handing over financials to Congress.
Is censorship ever ok? Censorship is happening in Trudeau's Canada.
Michigan's Justin Amish first Republican to come out in favor of impeaching Trump. Mitt Romney says there is nothing in the Mueller report to impeach.
Loretta Lynch calls Comey a liar amid Durham investigation.
Are transgender sports ok?
Are we throwing the word treason around too much?
Chinese PM plays national anthem each morning.
Is socialism always a product of indoctrination? One out of four people are in favor of socialism.

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Will Durham Resurrect Justice? - Dueling Dialogues Ep.173

On today's show: Will Durham Resurrect Justice?

AG Barr appoints John Durham to investigate the investigators on the fake Russian dossier.
Nearly half of the US Democrats are for socialism.
Bette Midler and Alyssa Milano give up sex to protest abortion laws.
China pulls out of tariff deal as Canada joins US in the fight.
Why is Comey still commenting on FBI after being fired 2 years ago?
Why did Rep. Senator Burr of NC join dems to subpoena Don Jr. to testify?
Opposition calls for Lindsey Graham to step down over telling Don Jr to plead the fifth.
Sports Illustrated is now going to have Caitlyn Jenner nude.
Commenting on Trump's tweets gets you trolled by leftists calling you uneducated.
Rob Reiner tries to make sure Trump is not re-elected.
Rep has had a hard time outing corrupt politicians, when is something going to happen to them to get justice?
Are elected officials designing laws to protect themselves?
AOC keeps campaigning for Trump.
Should Felicity Huffman do time for the…

Crazy Runs Rampant in DC by Dueling Dialogues Ep.172

On today's show: Crazy Runs Rampant

Pelosi says Barr lied, but what did he lie about?
The Barr hearings.
Deadliest cities in the US, St. Louis on top, Chicago is number 10. All top ten are democrat controlled.
Trump considers Muslim Brotherhood for terrorist list along with CAIR.
Abortion supporters are dancing on a gravesites in a sports field to celebrate abortions. Representative Jones says we might as well kill the babies as we'll kill them later anyway.
Hillary says she's in Trump's head rent free.
Jeb Bush takes side of democrats in regards to sanctuary cities.

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Democratic Free Fall or Free For All? by Dueling Dialogues Ep.171

On today's show: Democratic Free For All

Venezuela begins uprising to dethrone Maduro. Russia and Cuba send troops to keep Maduro in power.
Synagogue shooting in California.
Sport Illustrated posts model in hijab photo.
NYT and antisemitism cartoons.
Meghan McCain says her family is supporting Biden.
Obama law firm also pays Fusion GPS.
Are you a citizen? Why is it bad to ask if a person is here illegally on census?
Stacy Abrams says she doesn't believe election results when she lost. Decides against a senate run.
20 democrats running for office want to be dictators.
No republican wants to stand up for the NRA. Nothing to stand up to.
Take care of hungry and homeless first, immigrants to come in the front door.
White supremacy is not a nationalist.
Identity theft costs the victim but IRS encourages this.
Kimberly Guilfoyle senior advisor for 2020 campaign. Since she left Fox News, they avoid talking about her.
Trump announces broadband for all in infrastructure deal.

Does Biden Have the Stuff? In Politics Adverbs Matter! by Dueling Dialogues Ep.170

On today's show: Does Biden Have the Stuff?

In politics adverbs matter.
US Office of Government Ethics. Catherine Seaman and Josh Pitcock. Whitehouse keeps a secret. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page need to be tried.
Obama's attorney testifies about Obama knowing that Hillary emails were on his servers when he was president.
Joe Biden announces his entry in presidential race.
Talks of removing electoral college and move to true democracy.
1,300 break out of Mexican camp at border, mostly Cubans.
Mexicans are bringing people over with guns and threats.
Judge Shelley Joseph arrested for aiding and abetting an illegal alien along with her bailiff.
Linda Sarsour calls on Muslims to start Jihad against Trump.
Michael Cohen tries to change his plea. Tom Arnold tapes his conversation.
No hot dogs in NYC to save the environment.
US gets bill for $2 million for Otto Warmbier's medical services from North Korea.
First quarter US GDP growth is up to 3.2%.

For a list of source links, visit ht…

A Question for Socialists?

Presidential Candidates Spin Fantasies by Dueling Dialogues Ep.169

On today's show: Presidential Candidates Spin Fantasies

Hello and Thanks to Our New Listeners in Florida and Everywhere!
Elizabeth Warren double taxing the rich and forgiving student loan debt.
What does government run that actually works?
Bill De Blasio wants to eliminate skyscrapers, will he run for president?
Kamala Harris wants your guns with executive privileges.
Will Joe Biden stay in the running?
Sri Lanka bombings, ISIS claims responsibility. Obama and Clinton synchronize responses that eliminate word Christians or Catholics.
Pope allows Islamic prayers and readings inside the Vatican.
Brothers file suit against Jussie Smollett's lawyers.
Teenager sues Apple over faulty face recognition.
Rich donor wants AOC out.
Is Laura Ingraham on her last leg with Fox?
Thirty-three percent of gluten free products aren't gluten free and many restaurants lie about it.
Is the American dream dead in some areas of the US?
One in four government NHS doctors suffers from mental health iss…

Obstruction of Lies by Dueling Dialogues Ep.168

On today's show: Obstruction of Lies

Obstruction of justice. What would be your behavior if you were accused by people you don't trust.
What kind of Liberties are we giving up as a result of the Mueller Investigation?
Assange and why is he being sent to the US? Seth Rich?
Could Laurie Loughlin not know it was illegal to bribe Universities?
Jewish political activist Laura Loomer banned from Twitter for anti-Sharia Law. She's suing.
Macron decides Notre Dame will be multi-religion after rebuild.
Kentucky BBQ backlash has Tshirt LGBTQ. Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump, and BBQ.

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The Communist Rule Book by Dueling Dialogues Ep.167

On today's show: The Communist Rule Book
Our most important show ever. Lets keep Communism out of America!!!

Notre Dame burns.
Obama and the OFA, mercenaries for communism. Community organizers since Saul Alinsky in 1943, all are working towards a communistic America. How they take over...
Healthcare and Bernie Sanders. Poverty, disability and welfare, gun control and martial law, education, class warfare by dividing the people.
How they get it done. We give you the 13 rules.

For a list of source links, visit

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Assange: Hacker or Journalist? by Dueling Dialogue Ep.166

On today's show: Assange: Hacker or Journalist?

Julian Assange arrested when UK police storm Ecuadorian Embassy. He will face charges of violating his parole, and then extradition to the US to face charges for hacking and leaking US military documents.
Glenn Beck owner of Blaze TV on Sean Hannity's Fox News show, talks about Chicago and community organizers, border crisis linked to Soros' financial backing.
Stormy Daniel's lawyer, Michael Avenatti arrested on 36 counts.
AG Barr believes Trump was spied on.
Operation Leonard will be back in the news.
Aunt Becky, Laurie Loughlin, is going to jail as new charges have been added.
Missouri, a satanic temple is suing the state for 3 days delay in getting an abortion.
Andrew Scheer refuses to give up, asking Trudeau to sue him. Trudeau's excuse is now global warming? Trudeau gives $16 million to $3 billion dollar corporation, Loblaws, for new fridges.

For a list of source links, visit…

Identity Politics: Studies of Angry White Males and McCarthyism by Dueling Dialogues Ep.165

On today's show: Identity Politics: Angry White Males and McCarthyism

The U of Kansas will be offering class called Angry White Male Studies.
Walk Away from democratic party movement is growing.
Who creates more Trump supporters, left or the right?
Bernie says needs criminals in jail in order to vote for him.
Radical immigrants.
Judge Jeanine Pirro being blamed for death threats to kill Omar.
Border Patrol Chief, Gloria Chavez, speaks with President to support the building of the wall with real data.
Kirstjen Nielsen leaving as DHS secretary.
Mitt Romney changes his mind and is now supporting the wall.
Devin Nunes is going to turn over 8 criminal referrals about behavior of one to two dozen Obama individuals involved with fake Russian dossier and investigation.
Definition of McCarthyism. Dean
Cain says on Fox News that Alyssa Milano is playing a role that has been written for her.
Trump's tax returns still being requested.
71% of wall street believe Trump will win the election.

Mueller, Biden, The Border, Threats From The Pope-The Sagas Continue by Dueling Dialogues Ep.164

On today's show: Mueller, Biden, The Border, Threats From The Pope-The Sagas Continue...

Lively Episode!!!

Why the Mueller Report will be redacted as Dems want more than the Barr Report.
Dems request to censor Fox News.
Pelosi tells Creepy Joe Biden, "pretend you have a cold". Hunter Biden and his dealings with Ukraine and a deal with China.
Mitch McConnell is killing healthcare.
The border crisis. Trump's 25 security clearance requests.
Brett Kavanaugh and family have become outcasts.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tosses Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott out of the Liberal Party for "unethical" phone call recording which proved he obstructed justice in LavScam. Trudeau gets snubbed by 40+ young women from Daughters of the Vote, as they stood and turned their backs on Trudeau as he gave his speech.

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'Mad Politics' by Dr. Gina Loudon - Dueling Dialogues Ep.163

On today's show: 'Mad Politics' by Dr. Gina Loudon

Grace has a supernatural experience. Explanations welcome.

Grace and Connor discuss Dr. Gina Loudon's book, "Mad Politics - Keeping your sanity in a world gone crazy."
Grace ties a theory together with Gina's to discuss the DNC playbook. Control the people through: healthcare, debt and poor people, gun control, welfare, food, income, housing, education, media, teach children, get rid of religion and God, remove places where people meet, race wars and cultural divides. It all equals control and that equals power.
The left uses plantation politics to launch class warfare.
Loudon is very much against cannabis and all abortion.
Grace and Connor insert information about the new 'acting' politicians like AOC and Beto.
Gina also covers how George Soros is assaulting the heart of America and letting the limbs die.
The push for Sharia law.
The reasons disorders need to be diagnosed.
The 7 deadly sins of socia…

Mueller Madness: Bracket Full of Liars by Dueling Dialogue Ep.162

On today's show: Mueller Madness: Bracket Full of Liars

Mueller Madness as his investigation concludes. Should the liars resign? Is Mueller a wuss? Obstruction of justice is left open for the DOJ to decide from evidence. How Crazy?
Michael Avenatti, Creepy Porn Lawyer, up for extortion with Nike and, bank and wire fraud. Mark Geragos was charged in the Nike case as well. Geragos is a CNN analyst and Jussie Smollett's lawyer.
Omar speaks at CAIR International. In 1952 congress passes McCarran Warner Act, says Muslims can't run for office because of Sharia Law. Quietly this law was repealed in 1990 by John McCain, Dick Cheney, Joe Biden, Al Gore, John Kerry, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi among others. Sharia Law was not discussed in the repeal.
Jussie Smollett charges dropped. What?
Meghan McCain says the media will re-elect Trump in 2020. She believes she can't represent the right well enough on The View.
How 2-faced is Fox News going to be with latest S…

McCain's Thumbs Down- Why the Middle Backs Trump-BTW Is Beto America's Trudeau? By Dueling Dialogue

On today's show: McCain's Thumbs Down- Why the Middle Backs Trump-BTW Is Beto America's Trudeau?

Grace and Connor on fire!
Media takes aim Trump strikes back. John McCain, the dossier, and thumbs down to healthcare reform. the fallout remains alive.
Robots and computers bring new challenges to the middle.
Why Trump is the last hope for middle class and middle America.
Who is Beto and is he America's Trudeau? 
Trudeau manipulates Google and Facebook in efforts to shut down and cover up LavScam scandal. Opposition launches filibuster requiring 257 separate votes putting parliament into marathon all night session. Opposition wants to hear the truth on LavScam while Liberals continue with gag orders. Is Trudeau rigging the election through allowing 'irregular' immigrants to vote? OECD still investigating SNC-Lavalin.

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