Borderline Crazy by Dueling Dialogues Ep.181

On today's show: Borderline Crazy

Join Grace and Connor for a jam-packed episode!

AOC visits the border. Claims women are drinking toilet water. She also says border patrol were laughing at her and were sexually threatening.
Trudeau snubbed at G20 summit.
Trump meets with Kim Jong Un. Tucker Carlson makes some health observations on Kim's health.
New Yorker writes an article on Hunter Biden. Is this a strategy attempt to expose all before election?
Kamala and Warren move ahead and Biden moves backwards in the race for candidacy.
Trump and RNC raises $105 million for campaign.
Dems are pushing medicare for all, while Republicans do not.
Journalist Andy Ngo gets beaten by Antifa in Portland.
Eric Trump gets spit on at Chicago restaurant.
IG probe into FISA warrant is over. Report is still being written.
Mueller is going to testify in front of congress.
Navy seal Ed Gallagher is awaiting murder charges.
16 brands of dog food linked to heart conditions in dogs.
Google execs call Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson Nazis.
Cartoonist Michael de Adder has been let go from Irving-owned Brunswick News Inc.

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