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Dueling Dialogues Ep. 43 - Operation 'Fat Leonard'-The Tentacles are Growing

Ep. 43 - Operation 'Fat Leonard'-The Tentacles are Growing by Dueling Dialogue :

Operation 'Fat Leonard'? A recent tipster claims the ordeal will get political. The Worst Navy scandal ever. Glenn Defense Marine Asia is the operation known as The 'Fat Leonard', owned by Leonard Glenn Francis. At this point 440 top Navy officials are being investigated for taking bribes from Francis.

Four women come forward stating Bill Clinton sexually assaulted them on Air **** One, via author Ed Cline.

Matthew Rozsa gives reasons why Hillary Clinton needs to be the 2020 Democratic Candidate.

Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele paid 3 journalists to write stories to seemingly further collaborate the dossier and the Russian scandal.

Michael Flynn's legal teams separate from Trump's counsel.

The canned meat Spam is 80 years old today.

Jeff Bezos is now the world's richest man and is worth $100 billion as Black Friday skyrockets Amazon stock.

Bernie Sanders says past year has been…

Dueling Dialogues Ep. 41 - What Happened 25 Years Ago

Ep. 41 - What Happened 25 Years Ago by Dueling Dialogue

On today's show: What Happened 25 Years Ago. Grace and Connor take a step back in time to examine our progress and our perpetual faults. Listen in and have some fun with Matthews and Murphy. Two opinionated souls outside the bubble.

Dueling Dialogues Ep.37 - Will Michael Flynn Fold to Save Jr?

Dueling Dialogues Ep.37 - Will Michael Flynn Fold to Save Jr? :

On today's show: Will Michael Flynn Fold to Save Jr? General Michael Flynn and his son are Mueller's focus this week. Possibly for kidnap a cleric to send to Turkey for $15 mil. 

Former Facebook pres. Sean Parker decides to come clean. They knew the psychosocial terrors of Facebook. 

A 93 year old WWII vet, Vito Perillo, wins a mayoral seat in Tinton Falls, NJ.

DOJ refuses merger between AT&T and Time Warner.

Former NFL linebacker, groped by top Hollywood agent. 12:45 Drug kingpin 

Matthew McConaughey together with Wild Turkey, celebrates 48th birthday. Drives around Lawrenceburg, KY, and delivers turkeys to people in need. 

No students proficient in Math in Baltimore, MD, out of 13 schools.

Woman in NY pulls plug out of fiance's kayak, gets a sentence of only 16 months to 4 years. 

Sen. Al Green wants Trump impeached by Christmas. 

Rumors say Charlie Sheen raped Corey Haim when Sheen was 19 and Haim only 14. 

Tip: S…

Ep. 42 - Talking Turkey by Dueling Dialogue-This Year's Biggest Turkeys

Ep. 42 - Talking Turkey by Dueling Dialogue on Blog Talk Radio

Talking Turkey

Grace calls out the year's turkeys: Paul Manafort, Bill O'Reilly, Roger Goodell and the NFL, ESPN and Jemele Hill, Hillary Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Frederica Wilson, Maxine Waters, Jeff Flake, John McCain, Michael Flynn, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Kevin Spacey, Jeff Sessions, Elon Musk, Bush family, all the women that claim they came forward for the women of the midwest, Roy Moore, Chris Christie, protesters of freedom of speech Berkeley, Andy Lack at NBC, Charlie Rose, all the other sex harassers yet to be known, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, Tom Steyer, Cathy Griffin, Tony and John Podesta, and Megyn Kelly.

Connor calls out a few Canadian turkeys around the Paradise Papers: Bill Morneau and Justin Trudeau.

Grace gives props to the Uranium One informant and Donna Brazile Grace gives us a lesson on men and something to be thankful for.

For a list of source links, visit http://therightleftc…

Dueling Dialogues - Psychopaths and Sociopaths Rule Our World

Psychopaths and Sociopaths Rule Our World by Dueling Dialogue

On today's show: Psychopaths and Sociopaths Rule Our World  Nancy Pelosi drives Grace to prove that politicians are unaware and never accountable and might very well  all psychopaths and/or sociopaths.
Wire transfers from Russian government for Russian citizens to vote. Only 30k,  how much damage could they do?
Congress under fire for Jacki Speir saying there are two serial sex harassers.
Trump helps UCLA players get back home from China.
Shooting at a California school kills 4 and wounds 1 other. Shooter is dead, also killed his wife.
DA in Penn State case say they have enough evidence to account for every minute from starting to drink to being discovered dead.
Unnamed actress files sexual battery charges against Weinstein from 2015 and 2016.
Senate attaches Obamacare legislation to the tax bill. Congress has not agreed to this yet.
For a list of source links, visit…

Dueling Dialogues Ep. 20 - Mercenaries in the Shadows

Mercenaries in the Shadows. Obama’s Organization For Action or OFA, derailing healthcare. Soros funding these protesters and the growing. OFA is an army sent to heckle and disrupt as paid bullies. OFA sent members to cheer on John McCain, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski. All refused to sign Health Care Bill. Barak Obama’s website, has two links OFA and Obama Foundation. IRS has them as non-partisans. Facebook group gives Obama a podium to his followers. Is Obama looking to make a political comeback? Trump is being blocked and getting attacked by Obama’s OFA group as they try and take Trump down. What did George Bush’s shadow government look like?

Breaking News, Wiener gets 21 months for sexting with a minor. Steve Scalise back after being shot. U.S. Economy flourishing under Trump. Hugh Hefner has died at age 91. Rick Pitino fired as Louisville coach over paying college players. ISIS release a new recording. Trump upset with Health and Human Service secretary, Tom Price…for excessive…

Dueling Dialogues Ep. 19 - Shadow Government

Obama’s Shadow Government. Outgoing Presidents Woodrow Wilson, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Did Obama control and seed presidency to Donald Trump? Obama’s current living situation questionable. Is it Obama’s command center and who does it control? George Soros and the Obama machine. 250 satellite offices across USA. Advocates for Obama’s agenda through Organizing For Action (OFA). The OFA, trains and army of activists and even has a training manual to disrupt any republican or pro-Trump event. The OFA’s agenda includes scare tactics,threats, and bullying republicans and conservative law makers. Obama’s empathetic leading qualities might not be over, this appears that he is not finished in politics. Obama would have started the OFA regardless who won the election. Obama and Hilary want to be a global leader, not just U.S. President. In the news today: The U.S. Commerce Dept. releases a 219% trade tariff placed on Bombardier Cseries jets sold in the US. Canada and UK will likely ap…

Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 18 - Intro to Shadow Government

A Dueling Dialogue based on the politically charged emails exchanged between Canadian leftist, Connor Murphy, and United States Midwestern conservative, Grace Matthews. Both are writers at The Right Left Chronicles. Away from the bubble and the beltway, alone, together or with a guest, Murphy and Matthews squabble over current issues and events that impact everyday citizens in the United States, Canada and elsewhere in the World. It’s unobstructed free speech about politics, media, economy, people, social media, and legislation. Eager listeners with a fascination for presidential politics won’t be disappointed as President Donald J. Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are usually front and center, and rarely far from the topic of the day.

J F K: Video Poetry Film by John Veasay


Never Forget: Thinking of Veterans with Video Poetry Reading by John Veasay


Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 35 – Love Hate Betrayal: The DNC, Brazile, and the Clintons

Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 35 – Love Hate Betrayal: The DNC, Brazile, and the Clintons

On today’s show: Love Hate Betrayal: The DNC, Brazile, and the Clintons

Donna Brazile leaks inside information to help sell her book due to launch Tuesday.

Seth Rich murder, DNC worker leaked classified documents to Assange. Hannity was positive he was killed for the leaks, almost lost his job with Fox News over Rich’s murder. Brazile says his murder made her fear for her life, giving Assange’s theory validity.

Leading the Clintons during the DNC run was worse that Hurricane Katrina.

Brazile wanted to replace her with Joe Biden when she fainted on 9/11 2016.

Brazile tells critics to go to hell.

Brazile says she owes an apology to Julian Assange when he warned about the rigged primary.

Team Clinton responds to Donna Brazile, calling her a victim of Russian propaganda.
Listen to: Love Hate Betrayal: The DNC, Brazil, and the Clintons with Matthews and Murphy the Dueling Dialogue

Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 23 – Antifa’s Planned November 4th Uprising

Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 23 – Antifa’s Planned November 4th Uprising"

The Washington Post called it "Antifa Apocalypse.

Antifa’s Planned November 4th Uprising. Supposedly targeting cops and ex-military for the purpose of gathering guns, ammunition, and other weapons. The nightmare of the Trump/Pence regime according to Antifa is the reason. Where is this database of gun owners live and how vulnerable is it to hackers or groups like Antifa? Lists already exist with gun owner’s names and addresses and they have been publicly released due to individual beliefs and agendas.

Listen to Dueling Dialogue with Matthews and Murphy to learn more about the events