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Elitist Naughty List for 2018 by Dueling Dialogues Ep.142

Naughty List 2018 – Dueling Dialogues Ep.142 On today's show: The 2018 Naughty List Grace and Connor are joined by the Hammer to give you the 2018 Naughty List. This year's list includes: Jerome Powell, Brenda Snipes, Claire McCaskill, Bill de Blasio, Justin Trudeau and the Federal Liberal party of Canada, Jeff Flake, Megyn Kelly, Alexa, Angela Merkel, China, Abby Huntsman, Emmanuel Macron, Crown Prince Salman, Stephen Hays and Weekly Standard, Alexandria Casio-Cortez, Fox News, Theresa May, James Comey and Company, Robert Mueller, Algorithms, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Sponsors of the Crime Bill, Donald Trump, George Soros, and Mark Zuckerberg. For a list of source links, visit Listen to "Naughty List 2018 - Dueling Dialogues Ep.142" on Spreaker.

Flynn Sentencing Mystery Plus the Religion of Social Media Giants by Dueling Dialogues

Flynn Sentencing Mystery Plus the Religion of Social Media Giants by Dueling Dialogues On today's show:Flynn Sentencing Mystery Plus the Religion of Social Media Giants Flynn was supposed to be sentenced but now sentencing is delayed for 90 days. Judge concerned he's pleading guilty to something he didn't do and he's not sure what he exactly did wrong. Comey testifies behind close doors, transcripts should be out today. Comey spoke of not following protocol when he questioned Flynn because he didn't feel he had to. Judge in Texas says Obamacare is unconstitutional. Nancy Pelosi wishes press would stop covering Trump so much. Claire McCaskill says democratic party is hurting itself by attacking white men. Trump does not have a majority vote when it comes to the wall despite what Pelosi has been saying. Yellow vest protests begin in Canada. CBC calling them anti-immigration protests in attempt to discredit protestors, when there is multiple issues and it's

Impeachment Talk Rocks the Economy by Dueling Dialogues Ep.140

Impeachment Talk Rocks the Economy – Dueling Dialogues Ep.140 On today's show: Impeachment Talk Rocks the Boat Chuck and Nancy meet with Trump. Talk about wall and government shutdown. Impeachment talk is already causing chaos. Are they going to indict Trump or can they even do that? Nobody seems to know the correct answer. Chief of Staff John Kelly is leaving end of the year. Possibly over fight with Melania during Africa trip. Google's Pichai says to congressional committee that they do not target conservatives nor are they censoring in China. All seem to be lies and sources say Google's number one concern is leaks from employees. Macron still dealing with Paris protesters. Same yellow vest protests seem to be forming here in Canada due to Trudeau's carbon tax and handing over control of our borders to the UN. The View's has hired a coach for republican Abby Huntsman. Maybe Megyn Kelly is actually going to be on the view in her place? Kathy Lee Gifford is l

Legal Immigration Could Sustain Social Security by Dueling Dialogues Ep.139

Legal Immigration to Sustain Social Security - Dueling Dialogues Ep.139 On today's show: Legal Immigration to Sustain Social Security There are more old people than young people in the US. This creates an urgent need for citizens to pay social security. Disappointing job stats, likely not enough people to fill positions. Stock market is in shambles under arrest of Huawei exec. Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver. All companies are effectively state run in China. Elizabeth Warren misses her boat according to Boston Globe. Heather Nauert will take UN Ambassador position. William Barr for AG, he was GHW Bush's AG. Censorship in the media. Megyn Kelly negotiates exit deal with NBC, includes some hush money. For a list of source links, visit Listen to "Legal Immigration to Sustain Social Security - Dueling Dialogues Ep.139" on Spreaker.

The View: Is Everyone a 'B'? by Dueling Dialogues

The View: Is Everyone a 'B'? - Dueling Dialogues On today's show: The View: Everyone's a Bitch George H.W. Bush passes away. Stock market is sinking today after China trade news boosted it yesterday. Tech bubble bursting. Are cannabis stocks going to replace tech stock? Clintons are down to $11 a ticket for speaking. Judicial Watch seems to be honing in on them but no progress is being made, swamp is deeper than one thought. Trump wants more than $1.6 billion to build the wall or threatens to shut down government. Unfunded pensions are going broke and many will lose their pensions. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says we need to get a grip on pentagon spending we can give free medicine to everyone. Kid Rock calls Joy Behar a bitch. Nashville kicks him out of their Santa parade. Joy Behar drags Trump's name into Bush's tribute and calls Meghan McCain a privileged bitch. Forces Whoopie to cut to commercial early. Megyn Kelly is suing for $30 million from NBC, rum