Impeachment Talk Rocks the Economy by Dueling Dialogues Ep.140

Impeachment Talk Rocks the Economy – Dueling Dialogues Ep.140

On today's show: Impeachment Talk Rocks the Boat

Chuck and Nancy meet with Trump. Talk about wall and government shutdown.
Impeachment talk is already causing chaos.
Are they going to indict Trump or can they even do that? Nobody seems to know the correct answer.
Chief of Staff John Kelly is leaving end of the year. Possibly over fight with Melania during Africa trip.
Google's Pichai says to congressional committee that they do not target conservatives nor are they censoring in China. All seem to be lies and sources say Google's number one concern is leaks from employees.
Macron still dealing with Paris protesters. Same yellow vest protests seem to be forming here in Canada due to Trudeau's carbon tax and handing over control of our borders to the UN.
The View's has hired a coach for republican Abby Huntsman. Maybe Megyn Kelly is actually going to be on the view in her place?
Kathy Lee Gifford is leaving The Today show.
Warning to listeners: Be careful of DNA tests until it's legislated.

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