Audio Book Review 'Rogue Lawyer' by John Grisham

The Rogue Lawyer is Sebastian Rudd, a daredevil who struggles with ethics; he is a signature headliner with charisma.

Sebastian Rudd tells his story, “As in any war the truth is the first casualty.” This statement basically represents the sum of the novel and for that matter the legal system.

For anyone who wants to question whether John Grisham still has what it takes, Rudd is his best character, yet. Representing the worst of the worst, Rudd redefines justice based on the circumstances he faces on any given day.

Except for a multi-talented bodyguard/driver, he practices law alone, not from an office, instead, for safety, a functional, customized bulletproof van serves the purpose, while at the same time, keeping him covert and protected from both sides of the law. On the streets and in the courtrooms of corrupt Chicago, he’s pretty much rattled everyone.

Even his hobby is threatening; deeply involved with Chicago’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), cage fighting, it is clear that danger seduces him. In fact, he explicitly enjoys the risk involved in representing the guilty caught in a legal system that he considers less trustworthy than the criminals.

Consequently, he is less comfortable and considerably more anxious when he represents the innocent. This aspect reminded me of Matthew McConaughey’s character in Lincoln Law. However, despite the many similarities, Sebastian Rudd possesses a much more colorful and entertaining personality.

Although he is tough and street smart throughout most of the book, when a group of cops kidnap his six-year-old son, we see a more pragmatic side even as the situation gets dangerously close to becoming his kryptonite.

Inherent to a profession that people love to hate, Sebastian Rudd’s character exemplifies the trifecta that exists between right, wrong, and ethical justice. His attitude is; if it’s broken and you can’t fix it, make it fit the best you can. Most importantly, pack heat and stay alive.

Published by Penguin Random House,Rogue Lawyer is available in hardcover, ebook, and audio on Amazon and at other book retailers.

Review by Sammy Sutton


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