Audio Book Review 'The Lightning Stones' by Jack Du Brul

The action-packed novel definitely lives up to the hype. Clive Cussler’s co-author of the popular, New York Times best-selling series, Oregon Files, has stepped out on his own with a science fiction thriller jam packed with suspense, adventure, and action.

This is a phenomenally well-written novel with a mass audience appeal. The hero, Philip Mercer, is a geologist with the rugged demeanor of a mercenary soldier. For those of you old enough to remember, he attracts dangerous scenarios reminiscent of an episode of MacGyver. Consequently, in the midst of the most volatile situations he manages to manipulate his way out of the impossible, alive. Mercer is a one of a kind character with wisdom and a youthful fearlessness that will appeal to readers young and old.

The prologue sets the reader’s mind in motion with a bit of speculation as Du Brul takes us back to Lae, Papua New Guinea on July 1, 1937 with Amelia Earhart. The author seeds the idea of an electromagnetic force that manipulated Frank Noonan’s navigational readings on that tragic day. As a result, true to history,   Amelia Earhart and Frank Noonan never reached their destination in Howland. In the novel, the cause of the magnetic disturbance rested in their cargo hull.

Moving forward in present time, Abraham Jacob’s is studying global warming at the old Leister deep copper mine. Philip Mercer goes to check on things at the mine. At the bottom of the Minnesota mine, he finds his friend along with his crew murdered execution style. Enraged, Mercer sets out on a global manhunt to avenge their murders. In the end, what he learns will keep you awake at night.

Published by Doubleday, The Lightning Stones is an excellent read. It is available on audio as well as hardback and eBook versions on Amazon and at other book retailers.  

Review by Sammy Sutton


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