Audio Book Review ‘The Secret Chord’ by Geraldine Brooks

Written by a Pulitzer Prize Winning Author!

The Hebrew Bible claims; God loved King David most. Whether you view The Bible as a religious guide, history book, or a timeless work of literature, you likely find this idea perplexing enough to have a few questions pass through your mind’s eye. After all, King David was a warrior, a military leader that was responsible for many deaths, albeit to claim an earthly kingdom for God, many shed blood.

Obviously addicted to power, for many, what makes this celestial favoritism even more compelling is David’s narcissism that often manifested as philandering with the wives of other men, and ultimately claiming them as his own.

Of course, David did not escape punishment for his sins, despite his effort to please the Almighty, he would never see the Temple built that pleasure would be for his peace loving heir, King Shlomo (Solomon.)

I don’t wish to seem cynical as I truly love to study Hebrew Biblical history and King David is a favorite. I appreciate his flaws, and understand that for many of us, his bibliography provides hope and belief in forgiveness. In contrast to his faults, there is passion and love, the literature tells us that King David, also propagated love, the kind of love that fills the soul with overwhelming warmth, Divine love.

Biblical literature and movies are rising in popularity especially when the audience views the speculative fiction as a fair representation of the original meaning.

Fortunately, you do not need to be a biblical scholar to appreciate, Pulitzer prize winning author Geraldine Brooks’ intellectual and empathetic fictionalized narrative focusing on the highlights and turning-point in the life of the King that perpetuated the change that even today influences the lives of nearly everyone on Earth.  

Told by Natan (Nathan), whose father lost his life to the youngster that ultimately became King, despite the tragedy, his visions of the future led him to serve as David’s lifelong prophet and confidant. Perhaps, the only man who could reprimand the King, his intimate relationship with David, and those closest to the King, allows the story from Natan’s perspective to reach depths that would not otherwise be possible.

Conclusively, The Secret Chord crosses nearly all genres’ as the King’s life exemplified the experiences of being human; he just had all of them.  The author’s story comes across as if we found in a cave somewhere original well-written texts. Love, hate, murder, and jealously, the delivery makes it all feel real.

The Secret Chord published by Penguin Random House categorizes the novel as literary fiction, spiritual fiction, and historical fiction. It is available in hardcover, ebook, and audio at Amazon and other book retailers.

Review by Sammy Sutton


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