Win Midterms or Face Impeachment by Dueling Dialogues Ep. 112

Win Midterms or Face Impeachment – Dueling Dialogues Ep. 112

On today's show: Win Midterms or Face Impeachment

Trump needs to win the house or face possible impeachment, black vote starts to move towards the Trump camp.
Republicans, Candice Owens and Charlie Kirk, were having breakfast in Philly when they get attacked with eggs and water thrown at them.
President steps up Iran sanctions. Increases to take hold in November, will not do any business with countries that do business with Iran.
Canada at war with Saudi Arabia on women's rights. Diplomats expelled, foreign students ordered to return to Arabia, all flights to Canada cancelled.
Missouri has Proposition A, the right to work, lots of bad info on this topic floating around to try and prevent the vote from passing.
People are for better border security, not the wall but more security. Manafort trial is in full swing, Rick Gates testifies and admits to scamming money from Manafort.
Is Don Trump Jr. in trouble for lying? Is the president in trouble?

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