Trump’s Wall, Qanon, and Tommy Robinson by Dueling Dialogues Ep. 110

Trump’s Wall, Qanon, and Tommy Robinson – Dueling Dialogues Ep. 110

On today's show: Trump's Wall, Qanon, and Tommy Robinson
Immigration and border security. Trump threatens to shut down government to get his wall. Maxine Waters calls Trump a bully.
DACA and Trump getting rid of catch and release and immigration lottery.
Koch brothers against Trump's immigration policies.
Trump says he will meet with Iran in person, no conditions.
Gen. John Kelly's year anniversary yesterday. Trump asks him to stay until 2020.
Facebook goes into teleconference removing 32 accounts attempting to influence midterms.
Who is Tommy Robinson?
Qanon's latest breadcrumbs. Kim Jong Un is not in charge of North Korea.
Kim sends back remains of 55, up to another 50,000 other human remains.
Could Mueller and Rosenstein also be inside to drain the swamp?
Kimberly Guilfoyle asked to leave Fox because of fighting #MeToo and she was also mean to subordinates and allegedly showed pictures of male genitalia often.
Paul Manafort's trial starts today.
No charges have to do with Russia.
Sarah Silverman makes jokes about molestation and pedophelia. Offends many people in the midwest.

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