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Book Review 'Between You and Me: Confessions of Comma Queen' by Mary Norris

Although this book should appeal to anyone and everyone that picks up a pen or types a message into an electronic device, it won’t. However, if you are a person that believes the rules of grammar are “rock solid” you most assuredly would benefit from this delightful book.

Happy Pi Day


Emotional Intelligence Theory & Book Review

According to the authors, if you fall short of IQ or are unsuccessfully using your intelligence, you can increase your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and live a happier more productive life.

Book Review ‘Blue Nights’ by Joan Didion

We live with a certain expectation about the possibility of burying a spouse and even more certainty about out living our parents, however, most of us do not even entertain the idea of outliving one of our children.

Book Review ‘Always Returning, the Wisdom of Place’ by D. A. Hickman

The author conveys a simple, calm as she paints a gorgeous picturesque parallel between earth from her physical point on the map and the makings of our individuality. To demonstrate, the prairie of South Dakota represents the macrocosm for the spiritual self. Free of dogma, it is a beautifully written spiritual guide for self-exploration, the images and lessons are brilliantly simple, yet complex in their representation.

‘Barefoot in the Park’ Audio Performance

A sweet revival…
All things considered, Neil Simon is a marvelous playwright with an extraordinary resume.  Namely, a popular favorite, Barefoot in the Park, first appeared on Broadway in 1963 starring Robert Redford and Elizabeth Ashley.  Later in the decade on May 25, 1967, it debuted in theaters starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. Even though some of us were too young or not yet born, it is a classic romantic comedy and decades later, people continue to enjoy the display of humor in the newlyweds’ relationship.

Audio Book Review 'Looking For Me' from Bestselling Author Beth Hoffman

Beth Hoffman gained an audience with her International Bestseller Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt. Her fans yearned for another and it was well worth the wait. Looking For Me reflects Beth Hoffman’s methodical and elegant style. 

Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to exchange thoughts with her a couple of times and she is a delightful woman. There is a strength that emerges from within her southern roots, a former interior designer, she has an eye for detail and a heart filled with hope for even the most blemished. Beth’s stories bring us strong, determined women that are a reflection of her.