Audio Book Review 'Looking For Me' from Bestselling Author Beth Hoffman

Beth Hoffman gained an audience with her International Bestseller Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt. Her fans yearned for another and it was well worth the wait. Looking For Me reflects Beth Hoffman’s methodical and elegant style. 

Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to exchange thoughts with her a couple of times and she is a delightful woman. There is a strength that emerges from within her southern roots, a former interior designer, she has an eye for detail and a heart filled with hope for even the most blemished. Beth’s stories bring us strong, determined women that are a reflection of her.

Timeless Literature...

Beth Hoffman stimulates her reader's senses and practical imagination!

Looking For Me is a self-reflective journey that spans several decades. Kentucky farm-girl Teddi Overman is our guide as we travel through her life. Like many families, Teddi's relatives have secrets, struggles and distinct personalities that make her story realistic and compelling. Teddi learns to overcome loss, lackluster relationships, and difficult circumstances. Her rich story defines Southern values, and easily reflects diverse relationships that we all encounter.

Teddi is an adorable and admirable young woman that loves distraught things that she envisions possesses the possibility of pretty, a woman's woman that makes her life happen and works hard to achieve her goals. Early on, Teddi learns the art of restoration and re-purposing of the tired and abused furnishing she rescues. She has a passion for antiques and collectibles and steps out of her comfort zone to gain opportunity. Consequently, she must employ courage and a lot of determination to obtain her goals.

Personally, as a lifelong ‘antiquer’, I enjoyed the author's fabulous ability to share through Teddi her vision of the shabby chic in a way I could make it mine.

I highly recommend Looking For Me on audio. The narrator, Jenna Lamia, gives an absolutely flawless Southern performance that really enhances the story's gift of experience.

Review by Sammy Sutton


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