‘Barefoot in the Park’ Audio Performance

A sweet revival…

All things considered, Neil Simon is a marvelous playwright with an extraordinary resume.  Namely, a popular favorite, Barefoot in the Park, first appeared on Broadway in 1963 starring Robert Redford and Elizabeth Ashley.  Later in the decade on May 25, 1967, it debuted in theaters starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. Even though some of us were too young or not yet born, it is a classic romantic comedy and decades later, people continue to enjoy the display of humor in the newlyweds’ relationship.

Today, Barefoot in the Park is available on audio, thanks to L.A. Theatre Works, for the PBS recording of the play starring Laura Linney and Eric Stoltz. Their performance is full of energy and drama and the best part is you can listen anytime and anywhere you see fit. It is just under two hours of pure nostalgic entertainment.

To set the scene, Paul is a rookie lawyer and Corie is his strong-willed eager bride determined to see the best in everything.  On return from their honeymoon, Corie and Paul are moving into their first New York City apartment. Unfortunately, the less than perfect new home is high above the streets of the city, but without an elevator and is not exactly a typical high-rise. Consequently, overwhelmed, the couple’s coping skills provide the audience with a hilarious comedy.

Review by Sammy Sutton


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