Democratic Free Fall or Free For All? by Dueling Dialogues Ep.171

On today's show: Democratic Free For All

Venezuela begins uprising to dethrone Maduro. Russia and Cuba send troops to keep Maduro in power.
Synagogue shooting in California.
Sport Illustrated posts model in hijab photo.
NYT and antisemitism cartoons.
Meghan McCain says her family is supporting Biden.
Obama law firm also pays Fusion GPS.
Are you a citizen? Why is it bad to ask if a person is here illegally on census?
Stacy Abrams says she doesn't believe election results when she lost. Decides against a senate run.
20 democrats running for office want to be dictators.
No republican wants to stand up for the NRA. Nothing to stand up to.
Take care of hungry and homeless first, immigrants to come in the front door.
White supremacy is not a nationalist.
Identity theft costs the victim but IRS encourages this.
Kimberly Guilfoyle senior advisor for 2020 campaign. Since she left Fox News, they avoid talking about her.
Trump announces broadband for all in infrastructure deal.
Canada's PM Trudeau refers to visiting Japanese delegation as Chinese…twice.

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