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American Spies and Lies Since 2012 by Dueling Dialogues Ep.176

On today's show: American Spies and Lies Since 2012 Super attorney Joe DiGenova and wife Victoria Toensing, say Obama's minions have been spying on political opponents since 2012. Russia-Gate was a distraction. IRS scandal was an extension of this through targeting the tea party. What evidence does Snowden, Manning, and Assange have? Dem Diane Feinstein has lunch with Iran's foreign minister without state department approval. Supreme Court rules that if you download an app from Apple and you have to sue, you also have to sue Apple. Pelosi's drunk video censorship refused by Facebook. Trump endorses OAN Network. According to US Weekly, Laurie Loughlin's daughter Olivia knew about the bribery. Indiana synagogue vandal says he was radicalized by Ben Shapiro's orders. Meghan McCain says leave her father's legacy out of politics. Daily Mail reports secret FBI tapes prove Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had over 40-45 marital affairs and laughed when a pastor raped

Frustration Ignites Another Trump-Pelosi Feud by Dueling Dialogues Ep.175

On today's show: Frustration Ignites Another Trump-Pelosi Feud - Dueling Dialogues Ep.175 Fox News under fire for Hannity's investigative journalists. Can journalists be in the middle? Trump declassifies all documents related to Mueller investigation into Russian collusion. Nancy Pelosi screams Trump cover up, suggests a Trump intervention. YouTube bans Pelosi's drunk interview video for violating community standards? Harvey Weinstein hands over $44 million to his victims, but money comes from his 'rape' insurance. AOC says GOP ignited the hate between Jews and Muslims. Wells Fargo hands over Trump's records. DNC still says that MS13 gang are not animals. Texas Rep. Chip Roy has blocked disaster bill. $19.1 billion to go to victims of disasters. Julian Assange is charged in US on 18 counts of publishing classified documents. California cities at risk from disease over homeless. Time for Rep. to gain votes from Dem. and Independents. Theresa May steps down as

Will We See Obama Run With Biden? by Dueling Dialogues Ep.174

On today's show: Will We See Obama Run With Biden? Get fired up with us! Will we see a Biden and Michelle Obama or even a Barack ticket? Obama appointed judge rules in favor of Trump handing over financials to Congress. Is censorship ever ok? Censorship is happening in Trudeau's Canada. Michigan's Justin Amish first Republican to come out in favor of impeaching Trump. Mitt Romney says there is nothing in the Mueller report to impeach. Loretta Lynch calls Comey a liar amid Durham investigation. Are transgender sports ok? Are we throwing the word treason around too much? Chinese PM plays national anthem each morning. Is socialism always a product of indoctrination? One out of four people are in favor of socialism. For a list of source links, visit / Listen to "Will We See Obama Run With Biden? - Dueling Dialogues Ep.174" on Spreaker.

Will Durham Resurrect Justice? - Dueling Dialogues Ep.173

On today's show: Will Durham Resurrect Justice? AG Barr appoints John Durham to investigate the investigators on the fake Russian dossier. Nearly half of the US Democrats are for socialism. Bette Midler and Alyssa Milano give up sex to protest abortion laws. China pulls out of tariff deal as Canada joins US in the fight. Why is Comey still commenting on FBI after being fired 2 years ago? Why did Rep. Senator Burr of NC join dems to subpoena Don Jr. to testify? Opposition calls for Lindsey Graham to step down over telling Don Jr to plead the fifth. Sports Illustrated is now going to have Caitlyn Jenner nude. Commenting on Trump's tweets gets you trolled by leftists calling you uneducated. Rob Reiner tries to make sure Trump is not re-elected. Rep has had a hard time outing corrupt politicians, when is something going to happen to them to get justice? Are elected officials designing laws to protect themselves? AOC keeps campaigning for Trump. Should Felicity Huffman do time f

Crazy Runs Rampant in DC by Dueling Dialogues Ep.172

On today's show: Crazy Runs Rampant Pelosi says Barr lied, but what did he lie about? The Barr hearings. Deadliest cities in the US, St. Louis on top, Chicago is number 10. All top ten are democrat controlled. Trump considers Muslim Brotherhood for terrorist list along with CAIR. Abortion supporters are dancing on a gravesites in a sports field to celebrate abortions. Representative Jones says we might as well kill the babies as we'll kill them later anyway. Hillary says she's in Trump's head rent free. Jeb Bush takes side of democrats in regards to sanctuary cities. For a list of source links, visit Listen to "Crazy Runs Rampant - Dueling Dialogues Ep.172" on Spreaker.

Democratic Free Fall or Free For All? by Dueling Dialogues Ep.171

On today's show: Democratic Free For All Venezuela begins uprising to dethrone Maduro. Russia and Cuba send troops to keep Maduro in power. Synagogue shooting in California. Sport Illustrated posts model in hijab photo. NYT and antisemitism cartoons. Meghan McCain says her family is supporting Biden. Obama law firm also pays Fusion GPS. Are you a citizen? Why is it bad to ask if a person is here illegally on census? Stacy Abrams says she doesn't believe election results when she lost. Decides against a senate run. 20 democrats running for office want to be dictators. No republican wants to stand up for the NRA. Nothing to stand up to. Take care of hungry and homeless first, immigrants to come in the front door. White supremacy is not a nationalist. Identity theft costs the victim but IRS encourages this. Kimberly Guilfoyle senior advisor for 2020 campaign. Since she left Fox News, they avoid talking about her. Trump announces broadband for all in infrastructure deal. Canada