Frustration Ignites Another Trump-Pelosi Feud by Dueling Dialogues Ep.175

On today's show: Frustration Ignites Another Trump-Pelosi Feud - Dueling Dialogues Ep.175

Fox News under fire for Hannity's investigative journalists.
Can journalists be in the middle?
Trump declassifies all documents related to Mueller investigation into Russian collusion.
Nancy Pelosi screams Trump cover up, suggests a Trump intervention. YouTube bans Pelosi's drunk interview video for violating community standards?
Harvey Weinstein hands over $44 million to his victims, but money comes from his 'rape' insurance.
AOC says GOP ignited the hate between Jews and Muslims.
Wells Fargo hands over Trump's records.
DNC still says that MS13 gang are not animals.
Texas Rep. Chip Roy has blocked disaster bill. $19.1 billion to go to victims of disasters.
Julian Assange is charged in US on 18 counts of publishing classified documents.
California cities at risk from disease over homeless.
Time for Rep. to gain votes from Dem. and Independents.
Theresa May steps down as leader of UK.

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