Trump the Government and the New Enlightenment by Grace Matthews

Trump the Government and the New Enlightenment

As a species, we change. This change is not necessarily perpetual but is nonetheless necessary to our survival. Generally speaking, change is not elective: If you do not actively participate in change, change will change you anyway. This is similar to understanding the notion that, by not making a decision, you are still making a decision.

As citizens, our role in the cycle of change is up to us as individuals. People who do not wish to consume news and learn about events happening in the world are wishful passivists. They cling to the idea of not knowing as synonymous with not happening, especially as it pertains to them. Of course, this is illogical.

Until recently, this attitude for much of the United States, was the norm rather than the exception. The masses were even okay with being told what to think or believe. However, suddenly, the veil has lifted, and the masses are seeing what they couldn’t or wouldn’t see before. This, of course, doesn’t mean everyone agrees, but what it does mean is that there is an elevation in awareness.

So, what happened, and how is it manifesting in our world?


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