Hypocrisy in Double Standard Justice by Dueling Dialogues Ep.180

On today's show: Hypocrisy in Double Standard Justice

Americans fed up with double standards in the justice system from right to left. Will this create a landslide for Trump?
Jean Carrol accuses Trump of rape in dressing room of department store more than 20 years ago.
George Conway, why would he do this to his kids?
General Flynn makes a discovery about Hillary. Obama sends law after him right after announcing his discovery?
Why does Kerry and Obama get away with advising Iran on Trump in violation of the Logan Act?
Biden gets caught paying for Twitter followers.
Bernie is upset at banks for lending college students money. Banks stopped this 10 years ago, how did a senator not know this? This was Obama's government.
Sen. Omar married her brother, possible immigration and marital fraud as well as maybe even tax fraud. How safe is the vetting process for immigrants?
Dems hypocrisy talking how republicans are going to split in two.
Congressional left will not pass anything for Trump.
Iranian problems continue to plague the US. Iranian people are for the most part innocent, but are being controlled.
AOC calling immigration camps concentration camps.
How much is it to rent a 2 bdrm home?
Most patriotic state New Hampshire #1, Missouri #9.

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