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Hypocrisy in Double Standard Justice by Dueling Dialogues Ep.180

On today's show: Hypocrisy in Double Standard Justice Americans fed up with double standards in the justice system from right to left. Will this create a landslide for Trump? Jean Carrol accuses Trump of rape in dressing room of department store more than 20 years ago. George Conway, why would he do this to his kids? General Flynn makes a discovery about Hillary. Obama sends law after him right after announcing his discovery? Why does Kerry and Obama get away with advising Iran on Trump in violation of the Logan Act? Biden gets caught paying for Twitter followers. Bernie is upset at banks for lending college students money. Banks stopped this 10 years ago, how did a senator not know this? This was Obama's government. Sen. Omar married her brother, possible immigration and marital fraud as well as maybe even tax fraud. How safe is the vetting process for immigrants? Dems hypocrisy talking how republicans are going to split in two. Congressional left will not pass anything fo

2020 Campaign Kick-off by Dueling Dialogues Ep.179

On today's show: 2020 Campaign Kick-off Trump kicks off 2020 campaign in Orlando. Do the rich really prey on the poor? Paul Manafort will not go to Rikers. Anyone can be charged federal and on state levels, so what happened to double jeopardy? State Dept. finds 23 violations of multiple security in Hillary's emails. Iran attacks oil tankers, another 1,000 troops are sent to middle east today. Hidden Morse code in song lyrics proves Google was copying his songs. Trump says beginning next week, ICE will begin removing illegals. Poll says world population will stop growing in 2100. Is the Made in China era over? Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving. FBI releases 458 page file on Saul Alinsky. St. Louis Blues win the Stanley Cup, Toronto Raptors win NBA title. Trudeau bans single use plastics from Canada by 2021. For a list of source links, visit Listen to "2020 Campaign Kick

Donkeys, Elephants, and Lions - Dueling Dialogues Ep.178

On today's show: Donkeys, Elephants, and Lions Donkeys, elephants, and lions. Generic drugs to get FDA approval in US only has to have 80% of active ingredients. Could SCOTUS interfere in impeachment? Christopher Steele has agreed to be interviewed by John Durham. IG report, does Barr already have it ready? Christopher Wray may be withholding documents. Mexico tariffs and fearful republicans. Biden says the rest of world is moving ahead of us while India and China creates majority of pollution. Paul Manafort being moved to Ryker's Island into solitary confinement. Joy Behar and Meghan McCain are MIA on The View. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow struggling to keep 4th place. NYT is no longer going to allow any employees to go on her show or CNN's Don Lemon. A 17 yo rape victim with PTSD commits legal suicide in Netherlands. Pope Francis is going to change the Lord's Prayer. City gate from King David's era recovered in Golan Heights. Google uses Trump to explain Hebephil

Mueller's Message Mess by Dueling Dialogues Ep.177

On today's show: Mueller's Message Mess The Mueller message, basically he tells congress to impeach Trump. The DOJ is the only hope to deliver justice to those responsible for the fake Russian dossier. Will Lisa Page be the leaker that could be pardoned? Trump can't get immigration laws passed, so he imposes tariffs on Mexico. Plan increases monthly by 5% up to 25%. Meghan McCain freaks out at the rumor that Trump wanted the USS McCain name hidden. Kim Jong Un, executes 5 people in blame for the February meeting where Trump walked out. An employee for California police department has been diagnosed with typhus from homeless and illegal immigrants living in the city. List of other major diseases being found in California. How is Fox going to handle Kimberly Guilfoyle? Is global warming a hoax to steal tax money? For a list of source links, visit Listen to "Mueller'