American Spies and Lies Since 2012 by Dueling Dialogues Ep.176

On today's show: American Spies and Lies Since 2012

Super attorney Joe DiGenova and wife Victoria Toensing, say Obama's minions have been spying on political opponents since 2012. Russia-Gate was a distraction. IRS scandal was an extension of this through targeting the tea party. What evidence does Snowden, Manning, and Assange have?
Dem Diane Feinstein has lunch with Iran's foreign minister without state department approval. Supreme Court rules that if you download an app from Apple and you have to sue, you also have to sue Apple.
Pelosi's drunk video censorship refused by Facebook.
Trump endorses OAN Network.
According to US Weekly, Laurie Loughlin's daughter Olivia knew about the bribery.
Indiana synagogue vandal says he was radicalized by Ben Shapiro's orders.
Meghan McCain says leave her father's legacy out of politics.
Daily Mail reports secret FBI tapes prove Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had over 40-45 marital affairs and laughed when a pastor raped a woman via source David Garrow.
Meghan Markle doesn't understand diplomacy. She's not going to show up for lunch with the Trumps.
Anti antisemitism in Germany on the rise at rate it was during WWII. Threats from the many Muslim immigrants maybe?
Kansas City woman gives birth after removal of Fallopian tubes 3 years before.
Don't eat things on a dare, could be dangerous.
Pope Francis kisses the feet of an Islamic Imam.
Most of Bernie's followers are low information voters or they cannot vote.

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