Cuomo: America Was Never Great by Dueling Dialogues Ep. 115

Cuomo: America Was Never Great – Dueling Dialogues Ep. 115

On today's show: Cuomo: American Was Never Great - Dueling Dialogues Ep. 115

Andrew Cuomo says America was never that great. This coming from someone born with a silver spoon.
Manafort trial is deliberating on second day, if no consensus is reached by Monday, might be mistrial. What would failure look like on Mueller's investigation?
Omarosa says she has made over 200 recordings during her job on Trump's team.
John Brennan loses security clearance. Why do 4 million people still have security clearance, many which are no longer in the job in which clearance was needed.
Mexico and US to agree on NAFTA. Canada is not in the talks.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders might be leaving the White house. What employer would hire her? or, will she run for office herself?
Aretha Franklin passes away at age 74 as the world mourns her loss from pancreatic cancer. She was a big influencer and made a huge impact on women's rights and race relations.
Trump blames imported Canadian lumber for the California wildfires.

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