Roseanne Barr Moving to Fox? by Dueling Dialogues Ep. 97

Roseanne Barr Moving to Fox? – Dueling Dialogues Ep. 97

On today's show: Roseanne Barr Moving to Fox?

ABC cancels the Roseanne Barr Show after a racist tweet. Will she go to Fox?
Canadian restaurant bombing in Toronto plays into Trudeau's hand.
Trump tweets to 13 angry democrats, which are some of the investigators on Mueller's team.
Is an informant the same as a spy?
Josh Holt freed from Venezuela. Trump has been responsible for 17 hostages being released from foreign lands since he took the presidency.
Ivanka being slammed for Twitter photo where she snuggles with her son, but the images of the immigrant kids in cages were from 2014 under Obama administration.
Judges says it's OK for Arkansas to restrict abortion pills how they see fit.
Cindy McCain likely to take over for her husband.
Storms over the weekend take lives of national guard and two journalists. Experts say 1 in a 1,000 year flood, but some got hit two years in a row in Maryland.
Starbucks is closed for real and honest exploration of bias.
Chelsea Clinton says Trump degrades what it is to be American.
Oprah wins over Michelle Obama in democratic poll.
Memorial Day thanks to those that gave their lives for our countries.

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