'Mad Politics' by Dr. Gina Loudon - Dueling Dialogues Ep.163

On today's show: 'Mad Politics' by Dr. Gina Loudon

Grace has a supernatural experience. Explanations welcome.

Grace and Connor discuss Dr. Gina Loudon's book, "Mad Politics - Keeping your sanity in a world gone crazy."
Grace ties a theory together with Gina's to discuss the DNC playbook. Control the people through: healthcare, debt and poor people, gun control, welfare, food, income, housing, education, media, teach children, get rid of religion and God, remove places where people meet, race wars and cultural divides. It all equals control and that equals power.
The left uses plantation politics to launch class warfare.
Loudon is very much against cannabis and all abortion.
Grace and Connor insert information about the new 'acting' politicians like AOC and Beto.
Gina also covers how George Soros is assaulting the heart of America and letting the limbs die.
The push for Sharia law.
The reasons disorders need to be diagnosed.
The 7 deadly sins of socialism.
Trump understands and uses brands.
And so much more...Tune in and enjoy.

For a list of source links, visit http://therightleftchronicles.com/podcasts/1539/'mad-politics'-by-dr-gina-loudon-dueling-dialogues-ep-163/

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