Legal Troubles for Trump, AOC, and Trudeau? by Dueling Dialogues Ep.157

Legal Troubles for Trump, AOC, and Trudeau? – Dueling Dialogues Ep.157

On today's show: Legal Troubles for Trump, AOC, and Trudeau?

Border at crisis, during Feb. 76,000 people came across the border, crossings up 90%, 55 people per day need medical attention.
Fisher Sand and Gravel Co. says they will build 234 miles of wall for $1.4 billion.
AOC and chief of staff in hot water for funneling donor money into a LLC slush fund.
Dems asked for documents from White House. Over 80 people to testify in front of the Judicial Council. David Axelrod, former COS for Obama, says this totally looks like a witch hunt.
Congresswoman Omar and her anti-semitic comments.
New depression drug, Ketamine, will be in pill and nasal spray.
White supremacist flyers are coming out "European Roots, American Greatness."
HIV cured in UK man, he is second person to kick the disease via stem cell treatment.
Top 100 polluted cities are all in China and India, no Green Deal or carbon tax will fix this.
Trudeau trying to divert attention away from SNC scandal. Climate change and lunar space program announcements as well as government investments in the tech industry. Yesterday, Trudeau cancelled a climate change rally in Regina to attend a PDAC convention in Toronto. Event sponsor is SNC-Lavalin. The 11 people named by former AG Jody Wilson-Raybould who pressured her on taking a reparation deal with SNC-Lavalin. Jane Philpott, the Toronto-area Liberal MP resigned Monday afternoon from her cabinet post as head of the Treasury Board and cites, "Loss of confidence in the Trudeau government over the handling of SNC-Lavalin." Gerald Butts, principal secretary to Prime Minister, resigned on Feb. 18th. Butts testifies today in front of the Justice Committee (7 Liberals, 4 opposition). He would not take an oath before his testimony.

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