Will Trump and Trudeau Be Indicted After Netanyahu? & More by Dueling Dialogues Ep.156

Will Trump and Trudeau Be Indicted After Netanyahu? – Dueling Dialogues Ep.156

On today's show: Will Trump and Trudeau Be Indicted After Netanyahu?

Will Trump and Trudeau be indicted after Netanyahu?
Trump walks out on North Korea's Kim Jong Un, but is Kim still in charge? Pompeo brings pics of nuke sites to the meeting. Trump says he believes Kim Jong Un that he didn't know about US teen Otto Warmbier when it was happening.
Are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi basically blackmail democrats that don't vote with other dems?
AOC is being investigated by the FEC for payments to her boyfriend.
President of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, tweets to AOC and calls her a twit over her Green Plan.
Michael Cohen testifies multiple times this week as the lies continue.
Kushner's security clearance not approved by FBI is old news being recycled.
Megyn Kelly has 2 serious offers to return to TV in October.
Yahoo Finance says 63% of millennials regret buying their home do to hidden costs and maintenance.
Emotional support pitbull attacks a child at a Portland airport.
Colorado runner says he wrestled a mountain lion, turns out to actually be a kitten.
Keto diet side effects: Keto crotch and nail polish remover breath.
What HR and recruiters look at when people apply for jobs.

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