Does Biden Have the Stuff? In Politics Adverbs Matter! by Dueling Dialogues Ep.170

On today's show: Does Biden Have the Stuff?

In politics adverbs matter.
US Office of Government Ethics. Catherine Seaman and Josh Pitcock. Whitehouse keeps a secret. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page need to be tried.
Obama's attorney testifies about Obama knowing that Hillary emails were on his servers when he was president.
Joe Biden announces his entry in presidential race.
Talks of removing electoral college and move to true democracy.
1,300 break out of Mexican camp at border, mostly Cubans.
Mexicans are bringing people over with guns and threats.
Judge Shelley Joseph arrested for aiding and abetting an illegal alien along with her bailiff.
Linda Sarsour calls on Muslims to start Jihad against Trump.
Michael Cohen tries to change his plea. Tom Arnold tapes his conversation.
No hot dogs in NYC to save the environment.
US gets bill for $2 million for Otto Warmbier's medical services from North Korea.
First quarter US GDP growth is up to 3.2%.

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