Dueling Dialogues Podcast Ep. 18 – Intro to Shadow Government

Dueling Dialogues Podcast

Ep. 18 – Intro to Shadow Government

Join Matthews and Murphy on today’s show: Intro to Shadow
Grace Matthews
Government, does it exist and if it does who is this Shadow Government? Carter, Reagan, Obama, and Trump Administrations were not part of the original shadow government. Clinton and Bush’s are part of the old shadow government. The Globalist Movement or The New World Order are both democrats and republicans. Linguist and philosopher George Lakoff’s theories. Not one, not three, but four shadow governments? Globalist
Connor Murphy
Merkel vs Nationalist like Trump. Shadow governments are real and are NOT conspiracy theories. Brexit is a new way of thinking and often driven by empathy and emotions. Obama’s politics were all emotional and empathetic. The secret society and conservative Bill Kristol. The power of the Chief of Staff, censoring and buffering info to presidents could be dangerous. Conspiracy theory labeling to discredit others with opposite views. Trump’s lack of empathy and emotions, Obama was all empathy. Pitchforks are coming, the masses are angry and fed up with the 1%. The pattern of new political leaders on the scene across the globe. The New Awakening and change is in the air everywhere.


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