Hollywood's Sex Trade or Prostitution-The DRR Code by Dueling Dialogue #MeToo

Dueling Dialogues Ep. 53 - Hollywood's Sex Trade or Prostitution-The DRR Code

Join Grace Matthews and Connor Murphy on today's show: Hollywood's Sex Trade or Prostitution-The DRR Code

Sir Ian McKellen says women knowingly traded sex for movie roles. Director's Right's Respected, meaning they were open for sex.

How different generations of women may see sex issues.

Posters in Hollywood accuse Meryl Streep of being a Weinstein enabler.

Tax cut bill passes Congress and the Senate, or tentatively passes.

North Korea tests anthrax missile aimed for US. C

Connecticut parents take kids from school because Ivanka Trump visited high school.

Newborn baby was conceived 24 years ago through frozen embryo.

Jill Stein under investigation for Russian collusion.

Royal Caribbean bus carrying passengers crashes killing 12, 8 were American.

Mistrial declared on Cliven Bundy that organized standoff.

Obama's Iran deal gave Hezbollah a free drug trafficking pass.

Adding "What would the Canadian do?" and "Ask a Millennial".

Putin calls Trump to thank him for CIA tip to stop terror attack on St. Petersburg cathedral.

House Intelligence Committee is to issue more suphenas.

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