King Solomon's Journey: Press Release

Daring couple entertains in fast-paced archaeological adventure series

The quirky controversial “King Solomon’s Journey” by Sammy Sutton presents one duo’s quest to save the human race!
In “King Solomon’s Journey”, Sammy Sutton tackles those issues your mother warned you never to discuss: faith, politics, and sex. The novel is the first in the series featuring anthropologist Antonio Dominguez and spiritualist Amanda Messenger, who, together, tackle a host of adventures, including the discovery of ancient scrolls.

When Antonio and Amanda find the 3,000-year-old scrolls King Solomon sent up the Rio Grande in 939 B.C., they unlock the key to saving humanity from a possible catastrophe. With this newfound possession, however, the couple faces an enemy faction called Opera, a group who will stop at nothing to steal the ancient scrolls from Antonio and Amanda.

Readers will follow the 40-something duo—each just as lively as any 20-year-old—as they weave through this high-speed labyrinth of wisdom and intrigue. In order to reach the end of the maze and conquer the evil group, the couple must first tackle their personal demons—before the adventure catches up with them.

“It’s like Indiana Jones in a romance racing against doom,” Sutton said of this biblical adventure, which promises to hook readers on the ongoing “Dominguez Adventures” series. This balance of romance, humor and action will engage readers who appreciate a flair for archaeological history.


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