All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, by Edward Klein #BookTalk on Dueling Dialogues Ep. 84

All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, by Edward Klein 

On today's show: The Plot to Destroy Trump

Grace and Connor discuss the book, All Out War, The Plot to Destroy Trump, by Edward Klein. Klein points out shocking details about the Obamas and the Clintons as well as James Comey.

In other news: 

A Judge denies Stormy's request to depose Trump.

The Inspector General to finally look into FISA but likely will need to go to a special council.

Trump's doctor, White House physician Ronny Jackson will replace David Shulkin for Veterans Affairs Secretary.

Kushner sightings have been scarce as The White House begins looking into his family business.

US sends home Russian Diplomats over the incident in the UK, Russia responds by sending home 60 US diplomats and closes the US Consulate in St. Petersburg.

Trump calls Roseanne Barr and congratulates her on the revival of her TV show that covers splits in family opinion on modern issues.

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