#MeToo Minimized and Headed for Failure? by Dueling Dialogues Ep. 78

#MeToo Minimized and Headed for Failure? – Dueling Dialogues Ep. 78

On today's show: #MeToo Headed for Failure?

Big weekend for #Metoo with Academy Awards. What's expected to be on the show is gun control and bashing Trump. #MeToo movement is really a failure, Bill O'Reilly working for NewsMax, Matt Lauer going to work for CNN.

President Trump enacts tariffs on aluminum and steel, also goes after NRA. Could affect the midterm elections and put government into a stalemate.

Nineteen year old man on loose after university shooting, 2 people dead.

Hope Hicks resigns. Billy Graham has his funeral.

New episode of Will and Grace makes fun of John McCain and Lindsey Graham with gay joke.

Breach with Equifax effects a few more million people.

Mike Huckabee named to country music board in Nashville but immediately resigns.

Kentucky poses a 25 cent per pill tax on pain pills.

California couple accused of child cruelty.

Bruce Willis film up in arms about the gun debate.

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