Should Rosenstein Be Fired and More Kavanaugh Delays by Dueling Dialogues Ep.122

Should Rosenstein Be Fired and More Kavanaugh Delays – Dueling Dialogues Ep.122

On today's show: Should Rosenstein Be Fired and More Kavanaugh Delays

Article in NYT came out last week saying Rod Rosenstein considered enacting the 25th Amendment. Rumor says this came from Andrew McCabe as the Grand Jury is looking to indite him. Rosenstein has a lot of ties to the Russian debacle and conflicts of interest. Rosenstein says he might be fired, democrats want him to be fired.
Another woman from Yale comes forward saying Kavanaugh exposed himself to her, but she waspretty drunk at the time and can't verify any facts. Dianne Feinstein says they should just quit Kavanaugh confirmation procedures after second woman comes forward ignoring facts and evidence.
Stormy Daniels' lawyer says he has another Kavanaugh victim.

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