CNN, Acosta Sue Trump, Hillary in 2020 -Corsi Indictment by Dueling Dialogues Ep.134

CNN, Acosta Sue Trump, Hillary in 2020 -Corsi Indictment by Dueling Dialogues

On today's show: CNN, Acosta Sue Trump, Hillary in 2020

CNN and Jim Acosta sues the President.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders sets the record straight on Acosta's behavior.
Mueller was supposed to give an update, instead, he's going after Jerry Corsi author of Killing the Deep State. Corsi was part of InfoWars at one time.
Qanon alludes to the fact that Mueller is investigating the opposite of what he says he's investigating.
Nancy Pelosi is going to be Speaker of the House. Pelosi's pack begins new congressional year with 80 investigations to impeach Trump after stating that was not her goal before elections.
Arizona recounts are in, Kyrsten Sinema, democrat wins the seat. Sinema has been said to be far left almost fits label of being a socialist.
Hillary will run again in 2020. France's Macron takes shots at Trump being a Nationalist.
Germany's Merkel will not run again.
Kim Jong Un is up to no good. According to surveillance, up to 20 different nuke sites are still in operation. Is Kim still in charge, or are his old generals in charge?

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