Draining The Media Elitist Swamp by Dueling Dialogue-Matt Lauer's Roast

Dueling Dialogues Ep. 48 - Draining The Media Elitist Swamp :

Caution: This episode is not intended for children; the subject matter is for adults and in relation to a disturbing set of circumstances.

On today's show: Draining The Swamp Trump has global effects.

Boeing loses Canadian contract worth over $5 billion.

The swamp runs through most of the media.

The secret roast for Matt Lauer at the Friar's Club back in 2008. Lots of celebs were very aware of what Lauer was like even back in 2008. Martha Stewart called Lauer the 'C@ck of the Rock' during her speech. The roast was known as sexist, racist, and homophobic with obscene jokes. Mediation agreements may be the reason nobody has been charged with sexual assault. Sometimes it may even be a court ordered gag order.

Scarborough and Mika's hypocritical statements on NBC ethics. Trump was at the Lauer roast. Maybe it's why everyone wants Trump out, because he has dirt on them?

Will all these sexual assault cases cause companies to be scared to hire men?

The #metoo movement is Time Magazine's persons of the year.

Al Franken announced speaking tomorrow, most think it's likely that he's going to step down.

Corey Feldman is expected to come forward to exposed a ring of Hollywood pedophiles.

Trump announces moving US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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