No Justice for Steinle-General Flynn Becomes a Felon and Matt Lauer Becomes a Beast-Dueling Dialogues Ep. 46

Dueling Dialogues Ep. 46 - No Justice for Steinle-General Flynn Becomes a Felon and Matt Lauer Becomes a Beast

No Justice for Steinle.

Grace and Connor talk about issues they are passionate about in this issue of Dueling Dialogue.

Kate Steinle murderer found not guilty in San Francisco. This despite he's been deported at least 5 times, he is also a felon. But, he will likely be released soon. DOJ is looking into more charges, but Jeff Sessions needs to go or show some results.

NBC gets slammed for being an enabler over Matt Lauer. Gregg Zaun fired for inappropriate behaviour.

LGBT community bans police uniforms from the gay pride parades in Toronto and Vancouver due to some members of the community being upset by uniforms.

General Flynn pleads guilty for making false statements to the FBI. ABC reports full cooperation with Mueller's team and may lead back to Trump. Will Kushner go down too?

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will resign in January, not confirmed by the White House, although word has it the tip leaked from the White House.

On the Clinton Lynch tarmac meeting: Judicial Watch have just released 29 new documents. More documents will be released in future.

Congressman Conyers news conference today was already 3 hours late. Has a battle with Nancy Pelosi.

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