Dueling Dialogues Ep. 45 - Matt Lauer Gets the Axe-What About Mika and Joe

Ep. 45 - Matt Lauer Gets the Axe by Dueling Dialogue :

Matt Lauer Gets the Axe. 

Matt Lauer gets fired from NBC's Today Show for sexual misbehaviour/assault. Cohost Savannah Guthrie was shocked, Hoda Kotb seemed to take it in stride. Today Show's advertising is worth half a billion dollars per year to Comcast. Katie Couric complained that back in 2012 Matt would often pinch her a**. Ann Curry and Operation Bambie.  Will NBC fill Lauer's spot with a woman?

Harvey Weinstein was Lauer's friend. Andrew Lack and NBC are being accused of hiding the Weinstein story.

Trump tweeted calling out others at NBC, namely Phil Griffin and Joe Scarborough. Joe Scarborough's past with the dead intern. Are Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski not in violation of NBC ethics policies?

Zimmerman was booking talent for the Today Show and was removed last week for sexual misconduct. He was a trusted employee of Lauer's.

Hillary Clinton also has a connection to these men including Wiener, Weinstein, and Lauer.

Bill Clinton may be defending himself again soon with documentary scheduled to air soon.

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