Dueling Dialogues Ep. 44 - Post Weinstein Sexual Predator Tally -Koch Brothers buy Time

Ep. 44 - Post Weinstein Sexual Predator Tally by Dueling Dialogue :

Schumer and Pelosi pull out of budget meeting with Trump over lunch.

Post Weinstein Sexual Predator Tally. James Toback 238, Weinstein 80+, Charlie Rose 9, Glenn Thrush 4, Jeffrey Tambor 2, Al Franken 4, Matt Zimmerman 1+, Andrew Kreisberg 19, Louis C.K. 5, Steven Seagal 3, Ed Westwick 2, Brett Ratner 7, Dustin Hoffman 2, Jeremy Piven several, Michael Oreskes 8, Kevin Spacey many, Mark Halperin 12, George H.W. Bush 7, Terry Richardson many many, Leon Wieseltier many, John Besh many, Bob Weinstein 1, Oliver Stone 1+1, Roy Price 1, Ben Affleck 2.

Linda Tripp tells all about what Bill Clinton was really like.

General Flynn lawyers are meeting with special counsel..

Is Jeff Bezos and Amazon too big? Connor's WTF Amazon email.

Meredith Corp. join with Koch brothers to buy Time Inc. for $2.8 billion.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get engaged and look to get married in May, 2018, at Windsor Castle.

Sen. Schumer home DNA customers sold to 3rd parties.

Hawaii reactivates attack warning sirens due to North Korean threats. Kim Jong Un shoots off a missile this morning and may now have full nuclear capabilities, calls Japan's leader a headless chicken.

Campaign staffers at Roy Moore event pushes Fox News cameras away. MSNBC's Joy Reed calls rural minorities a core threat will always have power over urban majority.

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